Another great, but snowy day in Saarbrucken

It got cold today. It snowed almost all morning – but there’s nothing on the ground.  It’s going to be colder for a few days – in the thirties. 

Al and Brad and Michael have been working today on football – nothing new since they do this every day. But there are players they’re excited about and it seems as though more is beginning to happen. They have a whiteboard in the office (otherwise known as the extra bedroom.)  It’s covered with names. So it’s getting more exciting all the time. 

Yesterday Ralf took us on a driving tour around Saarbrucken. That was interesting and now we have some new places we’ll go visit. We did some more shopping today which is always an adventure. Being here the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

I’m working on my German. It gets slightly better each day – with an emphasis on slightly. Having just been trying so hard to use Spanish, I often start to say “si” instead of “ya”. I start to say “muy bien” instead of “sehr gut”. Life is confusing. 

We had a walk in the woods today and I stood I with one foot in France and one in Germany. I love stuff like that. Ralf took my picture. I’m sure I’ll be posting that soon. 

1 thought on “Another great, but snowy day in Saarbrucken

  1. Wie gehts Ingrid und Al? Love reading your first posts on your blog. So excited for both of you. Yes, the down comforters in the duvets are the best. I have always wanted to buy a set and ship home….maybe next time. Looks like you had enough schnitzle for the whole JJS!!! What was the Canadian flag doing on your meal? Many times we were asked if we were from Canada….we almost are living just 100 miles south of the border. Stepping into France…yes, I like those things too. As I write this I am listening to an angry ocean and it is raining. But that is OK as we plan to take in a movie (Argo) this afternoon and then dinner. Look forward to your adventures. Email me you skype telephone number and we can talk. Tschus, Joanne

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