Our First Days in Germany

Here we are in Germany!  Our trip over went well, other than my biggest suitcase getting lost for about 45 minutes after we arrived. We were met at the Frankfurt Airport by Ralf, the owner of our flat. We also met Brad at the airport. He flew over on a different flight, but arrived a little before us. We all rode with Ralf back here to Saarbrucken.  After time to clean up, we were invited upstairs to  Ralf and Karin’s flat. She served us a delicious soup and roast beef. (Suppe und fleisch).  It was such a wonderful welcome.

I should explain that Brad is a Gustie who is taking this year off before med school. He’s here to help Al coach until Dan Runkle comes. He lives in his own flat three houses away.  Michael who I will mention often too, is Ralf and Karin’s son. He is a student and works with the Saarland Hurricanes in lots of ways. He’s been helping Al since Al got here. He lives upstairs.

After our meal, Al ,Brad and I went to the grocery store to get some essentials.  You should see the pastries and the meats – awesome.  Then we returned home and all the men went to football workouts. That gave me time to unpack and settle in.

Our flat is very nice. It has everything we need. It has a great view off the balcony of the valley and hillside beyond.  It is so comfortable. Our bed is great with fluffy feather beds in a duvet.

Our our first whole day in Germany I woke up early in spite of jet lag.  I was too excited to sleep. Al  slept in. Near lunchtime Brad and Al and I headed downtown to explore a little. It involved about 20 minutes, at least, looking for a parking place and then getting a ticket any way at the end of the afternoon.  We walked into town and we were enchanted by the narrow streets with charming buildings, the market full if vegetables, breads, meats and cheeses in the main square.  We chose a restaurant and had a fabulous meal.  I had no luck getting a SIMM card for Germany into my phone, which we thought (had been told) we could do. So it goes.  The wi- fi here is working well, so between Skype, FaceTime and emails we should be able to keep in touch. And if the blog works I think that will be a way to communicate too.  We wandered around a little more and headed home.

Last night we went with Brad and Michael to a restaurant nearby. Oh my gosh!  It was delicious. We all had schnitzel. It comes with all kinds of choices for sauces. The meal started with a fantastic salad. Then came our schnitzel and potatoes or noodles.   We just couldn’t believe it and for two weeks its all on special for 8 Euros a meal. I ordered wine and the waitress asked if I wanted 1/4 or 1/2.  I assumed she meant of a glass. Well, it came in a carafe and I had two glasses and shared another glass with Brad. I had ordered 1/4. What if I’d ordered 1/2?

Today, day two Al and I began the day with a long walk  in the forest, where Ralf and Al and their dog Bosco have been walking each day. I walked into France for a few feet. The path goes right next to the border at one point.

We went to a German equivalent of Home Depot, Best Buy and Byerlys – really. It’s quite interesting. I could also add Regis to the mixture. It’s all in the same building. We got German sonic care toothbrushes – something did not go well with the adapter on our old toothbrushes. We got a hair dryer, curling iron etc.

We then took a walk with Ralf and Bosco, the black lab, on a beautiful path along the Saar River. Then a drive around Gersweiler and back home for some big soccer games this afternoon.

Now we’re going to eat our left over schnitzel from last night.

10 thoughts on “Our First Days in Germany

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  2. Sounds like you’re having a great welcome to Germany. Still hoping to join you for a few days in June. Let us know how your telephone situation gets resolved, if it does. Would like to have your number.

  3. This is such a good idea, Ingrid! I’m going to love reading all about your adventures in Allemagne! I hope that’s the right word. The countryside, food and shopping all sound full of wonder. Can’t wait to see you. I hope our plans all work out.

  4. Ingrid, so looking forward to reading your blog and hearing about the next, new Molde chapter. I remember a story from a long time ago, when you and Al went to Germany, experiencing the autoban and immense speeds.


  5. So happy for you guys ! Sounds like you are really embracing the culture like you do with everything you do !!!! Have fun traveling and coaching, sounds like a wonderful way to “retire”!!!!!
    God bless you two, Sudie

  6. Sounds perfect so far!! We are going to be anxious to hear bout more adventures as time goes on…we will miss you, but know you ill have a great time! Vacation in FL is going great! Jim and Paulette

  7. We’re looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Love hearing about the restaurants. Tell us more too about the stores you mentioned. Enjoy every day!!

  8. Ingrid that all sounds so awesome. The blog works great. The pictures are wonderful! Keep it all coming. Lots of love, Gerta

  9. Ingrid and Al! It was so great visiting with you yesterday. Thanks for all the expert information about “bedinabag”. I am extremely impressed with your blogging ability. What a fabulous way to keep track of your adventures! You do know Bruce and I are reliving vicariously through each one of your adventures. Where is the next one? Love and miss you! Linda

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